skaeP niwT

Somewhere around two weeks ago, news broke out that David Lynch will not make any more feature films. While most of people took it as a sad news, I found this as something really great. For me, Lynch re-imagined the meaning of suspense  in thriller – drama and changed the whole approach to genre of mystery. He knew how to shape viewer emotions with dreamy sounds and bizarre aesthetic in film. So I am glad he ended his film career while he was still the best.

Also, Lynch said nothing about tv shows, and to be honest, Twin Peaks might have been the best thing he ever made, and now, 25 years later, it is back.. and this time Lynch and Mark Frost have all creative rights to a show. They wrote the script together, they produced the show together, Lynch directed it on it’s own, and all this is clear from opening shot of the series.

A new game begins with Agent Dale Cooper and The Giant in (black and white shot of) The Red Room. The Giant gives new clues to Cooper, “Remember… 430… Richard and Lynda… Two birds.. with one stone”… 

In New York there is a warehouse containing big glass box of nothingness, supervised and guarded by a college student. Something should appear in this box, and the job of this student is to record it and send it to unknown, rich project leader. Something does appear…

In Buckhorn, South Dakota there is another mystery, Ruth Davenport is murdered in her apartment. Scars on her face resemble the scars on face of dead Laura Palmer. There are more things that don’t really fit the case, the head found in bed is Ruth but deformed body really can’t be the same person. Fingerprints of a local folk, Will Hastings are all around the apartment… Will claims he has never stepped foot in the apartment, though he visited there in a dream….

Also there is this Agent Cooper evil doppelganger walking around the real world, collecting some clues from Twin Peaks locals, bringing terror.  Is it future or is it past? Laura Palmer is back, she tells Agent Cooper he can go out of the Red Room, when his doppelganger returns…  Is it future or is it past? 

Lynch and Frost succeeded  to push the boundaries of Twin Peaks once again. First two episodes of season 3 are going to please both the old fans of series and the new one. For Lynchians there are some references to directors old works like “Blue Velvet” and “Eraserhead”. After these episodes it is also easier to understand and appreciate “Fire walk with me”. Truth to be told Lynchian or not, this series is as confusing as it gets. Knowing what happened in first two seasons might make it a bit easier to watch season 3, but the knowledge is mostly in knowing the name of people and places and what is new. “New” doesn’t really stop with story and characters, Lynch didn’t play safe with music or visuals either, yes music is still dreamy but it is re-imagined to fit 2017. When it comes to visuals, there is this strange game of “symmetric grotesque” which is really hard to watch and not feel numb. It is happening again.. We are back at place both wonderful and strange.


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